Valerie Remhoff, BA, Reiki Master Teacher, IKC Certified Touch for Health Instructor

Valerie has always seen and worked with energy. From the time she was a little girl, she instinctively knew what tButterfly Harmonyo do to make someone feel better. The colors she saw around people were a normal part of life for her, and until someone told her that she was seeing Auras, she thought everyone saw what she did!

Not knowing how best to make use of her natural talents, Valerie continued to develop them while pursuing other interests. She attained a Bachelor’s Degree in environmental science from Rollins College in just three years, and shortly after began a career in software engineering. It wasn’t until her sister became very sick that Valerie’s path became clear. After exhausting all the treatment options of conventional medicine, her sister’s health was still declining. In search of another option, she began seeing a holistic practitioner. The change was amazing. Through Chiropractic, Clinical Kinesiology, nutrition and other energy balancing methods, he was able to facilitate a level of wellness that conventional medicine had found impossible. Valerie was fascinated by the scientific and intuitive methodologies used in her sister’s care and was astounded by her miraculous recovery. This experience inspired Valerie, and set her on the path to becoming a holistic practitioner.

In 2005, Valerie left her job in software engineering and starting practicing Kinesiology and Reiki. She has never looked back. She is passionate about what she does and is honored to be helping others. She hopes to inspire more people to learn about natural healing methods and feel more empowered in their own health care.

Valerie lives in North Carolina with her husband and her three boys who are the sunshine of her life.